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  • Saving Energy with Low-Grade Heat

    Posted by Rob McAtee, Director of Energy and Sustainability Services

    Saving Energy with Low-Grade Heat

    Today we are seeing more building owners willing to pursue options and strategies based on energy performance and environmental responsibility. But the way we heat our buildings remains an area rich with improvement opportunities.

    Too frequently, we speak with well-intentioned ...

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  • Retro Commissioning Explained

    Posted by Rob Baxter, Chief Engineer - Commissioning and Energy Auditing

    Retro Commissioning Explained

    There are more than 81 billion square feet of commercial floor space in the U.S. today. And the energy use of all commercial buildings in the U.S. accounts for 36% of the more than $190 billion we spend ...

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  • Using the Balanced Scorecard: Implementing a Strategic Plan That Works

    Posted by Jared Jamison, Director of Strategic Planning

    Using the Balanced Scorecard: Implementing a Strategic Plan That Works

    Peter Drucker once said, "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." There is an often-cited statistic that approximately 70% of strategic plans fail for one reason or another. All too often, strategic plans end up ...

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  • What I Learned at GreenBuild

    Posted by Rob McAtee, Vice President/Director of Mechanical Engineering

    What I Learned at GreenBuild

    Last week, Nina Szewczak, Chet Knaup and I visited this year’s Greenbuild conference in the beautifully-gray city of Philadelphia. It’s always great to see such a large crowd of building professionals - 10,000 or so – and feel the ...

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  • Working Internationally

    Posted by Brett Prillaman, Project Manager

    Working Internationally

    It is, perhaps, commonplace to listen to a returning traveler from abroad speak about how relieved they are to be back home or just how different it is overseas or cross-border.  Yet this perspective is nothing more than an experience ...

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  • Our Sustainable Future

    Posted by Maureen Drullard, Sustainability Manager

    Our Sustainable Future

    Name: Maureen Drullard, PE, CRM, LEED AP BD+C
    Title: Associate / Sustainability Manager
    Years with the firm: 6
    BS / Mechanical Engineering / State University of New York at Buffalo
    MBA / Business Administration / State University of New York at Buffalo

    Why ...

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  • Green Building Timeline

    Posted by Greg Simon, Architect

    Green Building Timeline

    To wrap up this year’s National Energy Awareness Month, I want to reflect on a few milestones that celebrate the progress of energy efficiency in our built environment.  On any given day, our architects, engineers, and building science specialists ...

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