Munitions Modernization

Mason & Hanger is a leader in providing planning, design, engineering and construction support services for munitions and industrial facilities for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Navy as well as other government agencies. This experience dates back almost 100 years to the beginning of WWI, when Mason & Hanger built the Old Hickory Black Powder Plant in Tennessee.

These projects have included detailed studies of resources (manpower, space, equipment, materials and information flow, and finances), value stream mapping, and customer volume demand through the techniques of time studies, simulations, LEAN and Six Sigma analysis.

Recent modernization projects include automated machine setup, automation of material handling (robots, automated conveyors, automated guided vehicles, etc.), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides efficiency and enhanced safety for workers.

Munitions Modernization Benefits:
  • Increase operational availability
  • Reduce the unit cost of munitions production
  • Increase quality control
  • Improve Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) and Quality of Work Environment for Operations and Maintenance
  • Apply modern manufacturing best practices (metering, material tracking, etc.)

We have a well-established staff that are experienced working together with great success on very similar projects. We understand the intricate requirements for manufacturing facilities and provide our clients with unparalleled highly specialized design experience.

Mason & Hanger has designed more than 30 military industrial production facilities and processes, and is currently providing various design and engineering services for Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Radford Army Ammunition Plant, Joint Program Executive Office Armaments and Ammunition (Picatinny Arsenal), Watervliet Arsenal, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Indian Head Division (IHD), and the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

In providing full-discipline Architecture & Engineering (A/E) services supporting Munitions Modernization for the last century, Mason & Hanger has remained a mission-critical leader on key government projects including:

  • Holston Army Ammunition Plant, TN (40+ years)
    • Flashing Furnace Material Handling Facility
    • E-5 Filtration and Wash Facility
    • Line 10 Explosives (RDX) Facilities Modernizations
    • HMX/PBX Process Improvements
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Indian Head, MD (30+ years) 
    • Agile Chemical Facility (Phase II & III)
    • TATB Facility
    • Renovation / Consolidation of LOVA Propellant Blending & Packout Facility
    • Explosives Chemical R&D Lab
    • Annealing Oven Facility
    • Repair Explosives Labs
  • Picatinny Arsenal, NJ (40+ years)
    • Explosive Research Development Laboratory & Disposal Complex
    • Explosives R&D Laboratory
    • Explosives and Energetics Laboratories

  • Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP), IA (30+ years)
    • Long Range Precision Artillery Production Facilities
    • Closed Chamber Detonation Machine
    • Explosive Waste Incinerator (EWI)

Watch Our Munitions Modernization Video Series




David Dickey, PE, PMP, Mason & Hanger’s Chief Structural Engineer, shares his thoughts on Mason & Hanger’s contributions to the modernization needs of the U.S. Government today, advancing delivery for the long-term needs of tomorrow.




Jim Hickey, Vice President of Government Affairs, discusses Day & Zimmermann’s history contributing to munitions production plants and systems, and how we are contributing to the modernization needs of the United States Government today.