Structural Engineering

Incorporating enhanced, site-specific security measures as well as blast mitigation and progressive collapse tactics have been key to protecting U.S. national security interests.

Our engineers travel to austere locations to provide solutions, analysis and design of building superstructures, lateral force resisting systems, and foundations for government projects throughout the world. Having worked on projects in 165 countries, our clients depend on us to be well-versed in worldwide building codes, as well as regional high-seismic and high-wind requirements.

  • Foreign and domestic building analysis and design including the ability to provide engineers to sites worldwide
  • Blast design/explosive safety
  • Progressive collapse analysis and design
  • Nonlinear analysis of framing systems
  • Building evaluations and forensic structural engineering
  • Seismic evaluation and retrofits
  • Building foundation systems
  • Conceptual system design and development
  • Construction documents for buildings using structural steel, cast-in-place and precast concrete, masonry, timber and light gage steel