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Mason & Hanger: 200 Years of Innovation as an All-American Company

Mason & Hanger: 200 Years of Innovation as an All-American Company

Our company’s nearly 200-year history, holds a unique all-American story that remains an integral part of U.S. history and patriotism today. I am pleased to announce that we have officially published Mason & Hanger’s historic timeline on our website, demonstrating our involvement in critical moments of world history.

MH 200 YR Timeline FINAL

As an American, family-owned company, Mason & Hanger continues to thrive after almost two centuries of supporting the U.S. Government from our locations in Virginia and Kentucky. We are extremely proud when reflecting on our history and this pride fuels the passion we have for our mission, our customers, and future innovations.

We have been on a march for quite some time, and Mason & Hanger continues to evolve with ever-changing shifts in technology, innovation, and global threats. We have played a critical role in pivotal moments of U.S. history, from supporting Camp Zachary Taylor in World War I (1917), the New York and Boston Subways (1934), The Atomic Energy Commission’s developments in Iowa, Nevada Test Site, and Pantex, to our designs supporting the U.S. Federal Government today.

As President of Mason & Hanger, I am truly humbled and appreciative of how our company has remained a strong supporter of vital developments in North America over the past few centuries. I am equally touched by how consistently Mason & Hanger has remained faithful and committed to the success of our customers’ mission over the decades, particularly the U.S. Government.

Our mission of Building a More Secure World℠ runs deep and is embedded in everything we do, every day, supported by our core values. Today, our mission-critical designs keep U.S. personnel, property, and assets in the U.S. and overseas safe. This patriotic duty drives our dedicated teams of architects and engineers to deliver flawless designs with purpose. In this mission, we go where our clients need us most, designing facilities that are safe and secure to provide training and to promote diplomacy all over the world.

We are part of history today, and we will continue to make history, tomorrow. I look forward to continuing our commitment, furthering innovation, and providing better value and security to everyone we come in contact with.

We’ve been here for 200 years and we’ll be here tomorrow… Building a More Secure World.




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