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A Message from our President on COVID-19

A Message from our President on COVID-19

We are living in a time that will never be forgotten. The world has been nearly slowed to a halt, facing the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. At Mason & Hanger, our mission of Building a More Secure World, supporting the U.S. Government’s National Security Mission, does not stop during times of crisis, even during the current pandemic. In our long history, Mason & Hanger has been through a civil war, two world wars, a cold war, a depression and we now progress through a second pandemic in nearly 200-years of service to this country. As a mission essential workforce continuing to serve and support at all times, I simply want to thank our dedicated employees. No matter the challenge, we continue to work to make a difference for the missions and customers we serve. We have been granted this baton to carry through this part of our history.

I have been encouraged by our many positive, yet determined, teammates, working to make the best of a difficult set of circumstances. The manner, courage, professionalism, and leadership I have witnessed over the past few weeks shows our ability to martial and mobilize our people and infrastructure to respond quickly.

When times get tough, much like today, we keep going and moving forward to the next objective. Today’s challenge prepares us for tomorrow’s opportunity. Once again, hats off to our committed workforce, keeping your heads up and eyes on the horizon. Thank you for your impressive work and perseverance during this challenging time.

As always, I am optimistic about our future and I remain dedicated to our values, especially safety, at a time like this. 

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