Mason & Hanger Presents at 2019 Virginia Engineers Conference

This week, Rob McAtee, Director, Energy and Sustainability and Dave Lockwood, Senior Electrical Engineer, Mason & Hanger presented on Solar Energy and Storage Technology at the 2019 Virginia Engineers Conference in Newport News, Virginia.

McAtee and Lockwood presented the latest innovations in “Saving Energy and Boosting Resilience with Solar Energy and Storage,” exploring the energy, cost, sustainability, and resiliency benefits of applying solar plus storage in a variety of project types.

Given the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems falling by more than 70% in just the past six years, coupled with battery storage devices having seen an equally fast reduction, renewable energy systems are well-positioned for rapid growth.

Mason & Hanger’s session at the Conference included a deep dive of the following:

  1. Simple tools and resources for high-level, first-pass analyses of renewable energy systems
  2. Framework for more advanced analyses as projects become more viable.
  3. Highlights of projects where solar and storage have been used to provide continued service after extreme weather events, both in stand-alone applications and integrated into a larger microgrid.
    David_Lockwood_and_Robert McAteeRob McAtee and Dave Lockwood

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