Insights on The U.S. Infrastructure Bill – What’s to Come?

Insights on The U.S. Infrastructure Bill – What’s to Come?

The long-awaited U.S. Infrastructure Bill is inching its way into reality. There is still a lot of debate and negotiation ahead, but in Washington there’s a feeling of general optimism that this bi-partisan bill will become law. The version of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act recently approved by the Senate is massive, even by U.S. government standards. In its roughly 2,700 pages, $1.2 Trillion dollars of new and continuing funds are allocated to improve nearly all areas of our infrastructure and help to reduce emissions. With luck, it will be voted on in the House in late September, then go into conference with the Senate, before finally being signed into law by the president sometime this fall. Then the allocated funds will gradually make their way into actual project requirements. Even so, it’s in everyone’s interest to know what’s coming so we can all be prepared to support our government customers and pursue new, exciting opportunities to contribute to the new American infrastructure renaissance.

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Mason & Hanger, a Day & Zimmermann Company, presents our Insights on the U.S. Infrastructure Bill video series, which will cover the major allocations in this historic bill that will impact U.S. Infrastructure and the modern era as we know it – leaning on support from the architecture and engineering community.

Mason & Hanger's commitment to Building a More Secure World® is reflected in our long-term support of America's evolving infrastructure – a part of our history and legacy, as the longest-operating Architecture & Engineering firm in the United States.

To kick off this Infrastructure Bill Series, hear from Jim Hickey, Vice President, Government Relations on how Mason & Hanger, A Day & Zimmermann Company, will help our clients and the country rebuild and upgrade to the next generation of innovation.


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