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The Embassy Effect in Juba

At Mason & Hanger, our mission of “Building a More Secure World” is fulfilled through our worldwide design of secure, mission-driven facilities. Through collaboration with our customers who share a common vision, we believe we can all realize the dream of bringing stability and critical services to the world’s most fragile and hostile environments. When everyone works together, good things happen – sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Nothing provides a better example than one of our recent projects in Juba. For more information, check out our video https://youtu.be/wWYVzM3J3bI


The U.S. Embassy in Juba

Since 2005, Mason & Hanger has provided architecture and engineering design services for the U.S. Embassy in Juba. Over the years, our team members witnessed firsthand the tremendous change that took place in South Sudan. During tumultuous times, we continued to provide services for several design-build projects. As expected, our lighting and wall designs provided a safe environment for Department of State Foreign Service Officers so they could promote peace and work alongside the local government. What we didn’t expect was the local community’s impromptu ingenuity, and how they would use our lighting design for their own betterment.

In an area with little to no electricity, children use the perimeter lighting along the embassy walls to study and complete homework. What started as lighting to enhance security has had the unintended consequence of enabling a new generation of great minds to develop. That unintended consequence will help support stability and development in South Sudan for years to come.


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