Rob McAtee in Energy Issue, Military Engineer: Factors for the Application of Natural Gas Fuel Cells

By Rob McAtee, P.E., LEED, AP, M. SAME

Natural gas fuel cells are a proven technology with energy security, economic, and environmental benefits for military installations—but a variety of factors must be taken into account when considering their potential application for best results.

Rob McAtee Military Engineer 2021 Spring

… Installations with ready access to natural gas can benefit from fuel cells serving as base-load generation throughout the year and during periods of prolonged power utility outage. Fuel cells can be lifecycle cost effective and result in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to typical generating utilities.

…Even though renewable energy and battery storage continue to improve and decrease in cost, a continuous source of on-site power generation is still needed for most locations to supplement these technologies.


Military Engineer Spring Energy Issue 2021 Cover


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