Mason & Hanger's Chris Lowe Featured in Federal Construction Magazine

Protecting the House, An in Depth, Holistic Approach to Physical Security

By, Chris Lowe

"One of the biggest challenges in physical security planning is prioritizing the needs for planning based on the unique needs of the facility and its application. In some cases, the biggest asset may be having a project team member with a background in a specific area. For example, an Army base has much different security needs than an overseas embassy compound.


...  Having a design/security professional with the right experience to assess the security needs based on the location and facility type can be critical. In any project dealing with an existing site, there is additional redevelopment beyond the original impetus for the renovation. For entry control points, in particular, there can be spatial challenges related to having room for vehicles to queue, undergo inspection in a timely fashion, and back up or turn around if rejected."

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