A Message on Afghanistan: Support Resources Available

A Message on Afghanistan: Support Resources Available

As an organization supporting the U.S. National Security Mission, we recognize that our employees are feeling a range of emotions related to the situation in Afghanistan—having served and/or supported U.S. Interests in this region, in varying capacities.

A number of our employees have served for more than two decades, supporting U.S. military and diplomatic interests for the people of Afghanistan. In fact, many started working there at the very beginning of the conflict, and never stopped. United as Day & Zimmermann Companies, we have directly supported the important Mission in this region, and we thank our employees and partners for their service. The significance of this Mission, and our tremendous pride for the sacrifices and support we have provided remains, regardless of the path forward.

We extend our sympathy and understanding to those who are experiencing emotions connected to this situation—given the history, years of service, local partnerships, connections, friendships, and potential losses that may accompany your individual stories.

In what has already been a very challenging year, if you or someone you know could benefit from additional support, we encourage you to reach out to help them.

As a company, we are committed to supporting our employees through challenging times like these. Through our Employee Assistance Program, we offer confidential, licensed counseling services 24/7, with additional phone support 24/7 to D&Z employees and family. In addition, we have provided a number of Veteran-focused helplines and support resources.

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