Digital Multipurpose Training Range

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah

Fort Stewart, GA

The Digital Multipurpose Training Range provides digitally enhanced combat platforms with all constituent elements featured in Force XXI, (digital) war fighting operations to the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division Mechanized, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and other active Army, Reserve and National Guard units training at Fort Stewart.

The range is used to train and evaluate crews and dismounted infantry squads on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary/moving infantry and armor targets in a tactical array. In addition to live-fire, this complex can also be used for training with sub-caliber and laser training devices. The complex is specifically designed to satisfy the training and qualification requirements for crews and sections of armor, infantry and aviation units.

The range includes stationary and moving targets, two course roads, eight single-story and two-story facades, one urban cluster, camera towers, machine gun bunkers, and trenches.