Training Complex, Asymmetric Warfare Group

US Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk

Fort AP Hill, VA

Mason & Hanger performed complete architectural and engineering design services for the 426-acre campus built to test new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) to meet the asymmetric threat soldiers encounter on the battlefield.

The Complex is divided into two main areas: the Range Support/Cantonment Area (occupied buildings), containing the administrative, training, housing, maintenance, fabrication, and arms building, and the Battle Lab Area, including utilitarian buildings to support testing different scenarios. The facility and its functions are essentially that of an experimental campus. With a total of 41 buildings, the AWG complex is comprised of the cantonment area, with 13 buildings, and the Battle Lab Area, including 22 buildings and subdivided into an urban site designed to resemble a typical downtown/urban environment, a village site, including hotel and restaurant, government building and post-office, walled religious facility, storage building and walled school compound, and a primitive site, containing a mud hut, two check-point buildings, four sheds and a stone privy.

The project received the 2015 ACEC National Engineering Excellence Award and 2014 ENR Mid-Atlantic Best project, Government /Public Buildings Award.