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Mechanical Senior Engineer 

"I primarily work on the design and development of U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.  These are highly complex and secure facilities that help to support our country's diplomatic mission around the world.”



What does your job entail?

I am a lead mechanical engineer. I find supporting this mission highly rewarding as well as thoroughly enjoy the challenge presented by these designs. Because many of these facilities are built in developing countries with less reliable infrastructure than what we come to expect here in the states, the designs often include leading edge energy conservation measures. Of course, travel is another fun aspect of our work and I've had the privilege of going to Northern Europe and South America.

I have dual roles here at Mason & Hanger and so I split my time working directly on projects as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and managing personnel as a Group Leader. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, I am responsible for leading and directing the HVAC design within a particular project.  This includes overseeing system selection, load calculations, and engineering production.  I spend much of my time managing the overall direction of the mechanical design, coordinating with others, and keeping the project on track. As a Group Leader, I am responsible for the daily management of a small team which includes managing their workload, resolving any project issues, and their supporting their professional development.

What do you love most about your job?

Both the challenge and excitement of starting a new project never get old to me.  Every project starts with a clean slate and requires both creativity and innovation to reach the final product.  I enjoy getting to see a project morph from an image in my mind, to lines on paper and then, ultimately, to a completed project where people live, work, and breathe. I will also add that I feel passionate about our mission here at Mason & Hanger to Build a More Secure World and helping to support our country’s diplomatic mission both stateside and abroad.

I get the opportunity to design facilities around the world and work with world class architects, engineers, and clients.  I’m thrilled with the ability to work on these challenging and rewarding projects while also enjoying the lifestyle that a smaller city has to offer. I joined as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and have been fortunate to expand my role to include the Group Leader position. 

What has changed in your industry over time?

The single biggest change that comes to my mind has been the transition from 2D CADD to 3D BIM. The ability to design in 3D has not only completely changed how our designs progress between each stage it has also improved our ability to coordinate with all other trades. 3D BIM software allows the designer to quickly cut sections through the building and see how all the systems are interacting with each other; this feature amazes me every time.  It is certainly something our younger staff members take for granted.  In addition to improving how we coordinate, working in 3D has also changed the way we design so as to be more conscious of both constructability and systems maintenance. We are now using virtual reality headsets to walk through our 3D designs while in progress to get a sense of how equipment will be maintained and serviced which is truly amazing.

What do you feel you do to make the world a better place through your work?

Through our projects with the Department of State, we are supporting the mission to provide a secure place for our country’s diplomats and security staff to live and work. When travelling to these posts, you get to meet the diplomatic staff and witness first-hand the importance of their work; this makes the work we do all the more rewarding.

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