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Civil Director

"The 'it- is-what-it-is' response to the lack of diversity in our industry is no longer accepted. Companies seek, target, and most importantly—value—diversity and inclusion."

How did you end up in your current position?

Will Goode Portrait I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1993 with BS in Civil Engineering. I worked for about a decade doing mostly private sector land development work in Maryland before joining Mason & Hanger as a Senior Civil Engineer in 2002. I earned my Masters of Business Administration from Virginia Tech in 2008. While working and traveling for work and participating in a full-time MBA program, I truly learned the value of time management and teamwork. I was promoted to Director of Civil Engineering in 2009, and then Vice-President, Director of Civil and Structural Engineering in 2014. After our Civil and Structural Department separated in 2016, I accepted my current role as the Director of Civil Engineering with staff in Glen Allen, VA and Lexington, KY.

What does your job entail?

I lead a dynamic and engaged team of Civil Engineers and Designers in Glen Allen, VA and Lexington, KY to provide solutions to our clients in all of our markets. Specifically, I develop and mentor staff to ensure we have appropriate personnel, training, and technical skills to always exceed our clients' expectations. I also provide technical review and resource estimates for the statement of works that support our Project Managers and Market Directors during proposal development.

What do you love most about your job?

Helping my team be successful and making the right short- and long-term decisions that help our clients successfully implement their mission.

You never know what you are going to be challenged with on a day-to-day basis, but you are guaranteed the opportunity to make a difference at Mason & Hanger in building a more secure world.

What has changed about your industry over the course of your career?

I believe the industry's overall approach to diversity has changed tremendously since 1993 when I started my career. I think the 'it- is-what-it-is' response to the lack of diversity in our industry is no longer accepted. Companies seek, target, and most importantly – value – diversity and inclusion.

How do you think that the work you do makes the world better?

Our mission at Mason & Hanger is building safe facilities for our clients. I believe my team's work here at Mason & Hanger contributes to our clients' missions and helps them meet their goals - which makes the world better.

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