Mason & Hanger Proudly Attends Agile Chemical Facility Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division

Mason & Hanger Proudly Attends Agile Chemical Facility Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division

On Monday, June 13, as a contributing member of the design team to the Agile Chemical Facility Project at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division, Mason & Hanger proudly attended the Agile Chemical Facility Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. 

The Agile Chemical Facility project, Department of the Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, Maryland, required the phased consolidation of two operational, 1950s-era munitions processing plants into a high-tech hazardous material processing and laboratory facility. Agile represents one of the most advanced energetics facilities for the United States military. It was critical to the nation’s military for the project to receive a DX priority completion rating, indicating the facility was of the “highest national defense urgency.”


Mason & Hanger’s services included the design of new buildings, acid tanks, containment structures, and other supporting equipment and facilities. Our design utilized the Biazzi process for nitration to manufacture the energetic chemical. The project scope included upgrades to storage and delivery facilities for chemicals and raw materials, product manufacturing, handling, and transfer facilities, as well as waste treatment facilities.

“We are proud to have served the Department of the Navy’s premier facility for ordnance, energetics and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) solutions through the Agile Chemical Facility upgrade,” stated Ben Lilly, President, Mason & Hanger.

“Aligned with our mission of Building a More Secure World®, our teams worked closely with the Navy to see this new and improved design through to completion, overcoming previous challenges and risks presented by the aging facilities. This change establishes new safety measures and efficiencies for the next generation of the mission and activity of the Naval Sea Systems Command,” added Lilly.


Pictured Above: Todd Copeland, Naval Commanding Officer with Ben Lilly, President, Mason & Hanger

Mason & Hanger was tasked to design this multiphase, explosive facility, and achieve the government’s mission while providing a safe, resilient, and flexible energetics facility. The project supports nitrate ester manufacturing at the Biazzi Plant in order to meet the mission of the Naval Surface Warfare Center - Indian Head Division at Naval Support Facility Indian Head to produce energetic chemicals for the defense community. Nitrate esters include OTTO fuel (torpedo fuel), nitroglycerine, propylene glycol dinitrate, trimethylolethane trinitrate, triethylene glycol dinitrate, diethylene glycol dinitrate, and butanetriol trinitrate.

Mason & Hanger also prepared plans and specifications for the demolition of several of the buildings at the Biazzi plant and adjacent Moser Plant. The design met all federal, state and local requirements, and it was prepared in accordance with NAVSEA OP-5 (Ammunition and Explosives Ashore, Safety Regulations for Handling, Storing, Production, Renovation, and Shipping). The project required analysis of explosives safety and quantity distance arcs in order to establish the location of the new buildings and explosives production processes. Mason & Hanger prepared construction document packages, submitted them for review, and obtained preliminary and final explosives site safety approvals.



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